Somewhere in your life there is an event that represents a turning point. This event is a guiding star for your legend. Most of the time it looks like an overwhelming moment of trial. Many times you don’t recognize that the problem situation itself carries the solution. But a beam of light is there that leads toward your future.

When you see this scene in the context of your personal legend, it becomes a story-vehicle that carries you away from the past and toward a promising future. You could think of this scene as an initiation, an experience that offers new tools for your journey. This scene becomes an epicenter, a universal metaphor, a key moment in your legend. Your personal legend offers healing knowledge that can guide you to victory.

Knowing your legend touches your consciousness at multiple levels; it transforms your self-conception from the inside out. Your whole way of thinking about life will change. Here I offer examples, with the permission of the legend holders, to show the transformative power of personal legends.

Her Morning on Horseback

Vicky was a lawyer in her early 40s whose main challenge was breaking through obstacles in a male-dominated profession. Her father was overinvolved in her life, offering unwanted advice and suggestions. This relationship had taken its toll on her self-esteem and had contributed to her perception that her abilities and potential were limited. Vicky was […]

Through Rocky Waters

Liz has been singing professionally since she was eighteen. She has a deep soul: she is philosophical, knowledgeable about various spiritual schools, and warmly sensitive. All of this comes across in her performances; she has a wonderful ability to convey a personal message with her voice. But she isn’t eighteen anymore; she is in her […]

The Human Chain

Ági lives in a tiny Hungarian village beside an unruly river, the Szamos. She is married to a difficult husband who drinks much of the time. And it didn’t help much that she had recently been laid off from her job as an elementary school teacher. She didn’t have too much hope about her future; […]

Teaching and Finding Peace

Andy comes from a family in Hong Kong that is well known for its mastery of martial arts. He is a Catholic priest who serves as a chaplain in one of the largest prisons in the United States. Even though his faith teaches him peace, he was struggling with the anger he felt about an […]

The Tree of Knowledge

Julio’s life-defining legendary episode touched him when he was just a small child, when he lived with his immigrant family in their crowded house. One person in the family was mysterious and intriguing to the little boy, his grandfather. After his stroke the paralyzed old man was confined to a wheelchair. Julio was irresistibly drawn […]

The Stones That Lost Their Weight

The turning point of George’s legend happened in his middle age. It also happened in a moment of family crisis: his marriage was in trouble, and he felt that he was also losing touch with his children. In an effort to change this, he was spending a lot of time working around the house, even […]