Through Rocky Waters

Liz has been singing professionally since she was eighteen. She has a deep soul: she is philosophical, knowledgeable about various spiritual schools, and warmly sensitive. All of this comes across in her performances; she has a wonderful ability to convey a personal message with her voice. But she isn’t eighteen anymore; she is in her mid-thirties, and something is preventing her from reaching the level of success she would like. She has an aversion to showing off and promoting herself; she has a humble attitude toward her gift.

The epicenter of her legend is a crucial episode that almost ended her life. When she was in her early twenties, she went whitewater rafting in a rocky river in the Fiji Islands with an adventurous group of companions. When the group stopped on the shore to rest, she climbed to the top of a high cliff and slipped and fell into the rushing water. She broke bones all over her body. Her friends somehow got her into a raft and began the perilous journey down the river to the nearest hospital. Each rocky bump was excruciating. Liz did something surprising in this moment of crisis: she began to sing. Her beautiful voice kept up everyone’s spirits during the grueling journey.

This wonderful legend offered the liberating thought that when she is singing a healing song to herself she is healing others.