Discover Your Legend

In 2010, an 82-year-old man came to me to learn about his legend. He was a microbiologist who felt that his not-too-successful career was over. Throughout his professional life, he felt strongly that his views and skills were not appreciated by his supervisors. This was a continuing pattern from his childhood; his father had been a rabbi who devoted all of his attention to his religious calling and gave almost none to his family. When he came to me, he was dealing with a serious and life-threatening health challenge. As we unfolded his legend, a moment of his early childhood came into focus when he was drowning and an anonymous woman reached into the ocean and lifted him up, and he realized that female caring had saved his life. This moment became the epicenter of his legend. When he discovered the meaning of this moment from his past, he understood his legendary role as a Comrade of Women. As he integrated his legend into his daily life, he began to look for ways to help other women to repay this woman from his past. He decided to use his skills as a scientist to help women who were struggling with the same illness as him. Now he devotes his time to helping these patients: providing transportation to medical appointments, finding housing for them, and matching them up with programs based on new medical research. His days are full, he is part of a community, his skills help save the lives of many women . . . and he is healed from his own illness.

Another client, a woman in her 60s, felt that she had sabotaged her career and was looking for a way forward. In her youth, she was shadowed by her mother’s belief that women should stay at home with their children. Rebelling against this idea, she began a career in publishing. Then she became pregnant. At that precise moment, she made a huge mistake at work, something she would never have done normally, perhaps still haunted by her mother’s voice. It cost her the job. Her daughter continued the pattern of conflict about career and motherhood. Although she was a very talented author, she gave up writing to raise a family. Some distance grew between mother and daughter as the daughter moved out of the country. My client decided that her legendary task was to become a wanderer, traveling far from home, seeking a way to reawaken a warm relationship with her beloved daughter. She traveled across the ocean to visit her. While they were together, she encouraged her daughter, who had abandoned her dream of becoming a writer, to return to a project she had begun many years before, a bold, humorous, self-revealing book she had written about her learning disability. The daughter finished the book, and the mother became her agent. While following the guidance of her own legend, she helped her daughter activate her full potential. The daughter’s passion for writing has returned and the mother and daughter have deepened their bond while at the same time both of them are engaged in creative professional work.

Each of us has a personal legend that is waiting to be discovered. And each of us is the hero of our legend. Learning about The Legend of You, understanding your place in Universal Mythology, is an empowering, liberating, and healing experience. Your legend provides a lifelong road map, and it offers insights into how to fulfill your life as a legendary journey.

My work with each client is a mutual discovery. Both of us have information that will help us understand and develop the Legend we have unfolded. Each person’s legend is a beautiful and deeply moving vision of his or her best self, and together we explore its unique meaning.

While personal legends connect us to the vast and timeless realm of mythology, they also provide very practical help for daily life in our modern world. Many people find that three sessions with me provide the basic information they need to integrate their legend into their life.

Session 1: Finding Your Legend

You’ve already had life experiences that convey your legend. Many people already sense this but haven’t explored the possibilities that the knowledge of his or her Legend can offer. Often when I tell people that they have a legend that tells their life story in an elevated universal context, in which they are the main player, the hero, they say “Oh, yes, I sensed that I have a legend that made me capable at times of much more than I thought I knew. I’ve had some experiences that made me feel that my whole life is a legend.” I say to these people, “Recognizing your legend and finding your place in it as its Hero will help you go further than you have imagined.” Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, or even if you do not feel you are a spiritual person or have no idea that you have a legend, significant moments of your life carry extra-ordinary messages. And as every legendary hero is, you are able to hear those messages.

All of my work with clients is strictly verbal. Each session is a conversation. In this first session, I ask clients six questions about life events that are seemingly unconnected. The answers to these simple questions reveal the synopsis of the enormous riches of your legend. Some events may seem vague and uncertain at first, aimlessly tossed in front of us, but when they match together in your legend like parts of an engine, they come together into a story-vehicle that carries you toward a victorious promising future.

Session 2: Finding Your Helping Hero

In the second session, I introduce the concept of the helping hero. Although you are the hero of your own legend, the helping hero is an essential alter-ego figure who is present to assist you. This concept comes from mythology that dates to the earliest time; all myths have stewards that guide the hero toward his or her goal in the legend.

For an extra-ordinary journey toward healing, achieving our dreams, fulfilling our life, we need extra-ordinary abilities that we gain from a close partnership with the helping hero. He or she is a model to emulate, a burden-sharer, an advisor, a pointer toward new directions, and a whisperer when seemingly there is no solution. In other words, the presence of the helping hero expands our consciousness.

The helping hero can be someone from the past who expresses your cherished ideals, someone from the realm of religion, from films, from comic books, from literature. But he or she can also be a living figure you admire. The important idea is that the helping hero presents the traits and characteristics that you would like to develop for your Hero-self. You shouldn’t worry if there is no single person or character who embodies all the qualities you wish for your journey; the helping hero’s character can be combined from multiple figures.

In this session, we identify your helping hero and learn how your relationship with this wise and benevolent helper can enrich your life. This involves learning how to call your helping hero into your presence; how to create a warm, intimate relation with your helping hero; and how to ask questions and hear his or her answers.

Session 3: Putting Your Legend to Work

Through your legend, we identify actual challenges in your life and learn how to see those individual problems from a universal perspective. When you integrate your legend into everyday life, you begin to see both large and small actions from an elevated view, as a part of Universal existence, keeping your eyes at the same time on concrete reality. Your legend helps you see the maximum potential that is inside you, and beyond that, you gain potential from becoming more than yourself, a Hero of a Legend. Half-solutions will no longer be enough for you. You will see a new and larger view of problems and obstacles and be able to break through difficulties that may seem insurmountable. Personal legends lead people to radically new paths that have been waiting for them their entire lives. When you understand how your legend offers answers for all your questions, it follows you through your life.

If you’d like to learn about your own legend, The Legend of You, contact me at For clients in the Greater New York area, I offer one-on-one sessions; for clients in other areas of the world, I offer sessions via Skype. Sessions are $75.